Neil Scudder is a freelance software developer working remotely from western Canada. Please inquire at neil@neilscudder.com for availability.

About this site

This site runs on the ghost blogging platform which is made with node.js, and today I set it up using the https://digitalocean.com one-click provisioning service. Although this is really simple, it gets a lot more complicated when you want to secure the site with SSL. I expect that digitalocean will automate the process of obtaining certificates from letsencrypt and securing all their one click apps by default in the very near future.

What I really like about ghost is that it's simple and fast. The user interface works great on both my tablet and my phone. It's also extremely efficient with its server resources, meaning that I can run it on a digitalocean droplet for just $5/month.

Mail is being handled by https://sendgrid.com, a free service which allows me to send up to 12,000 emails per month. It's easy to configure ghost blog to use the sendgrid SMTP server. Just add this to config.js:

mail: {  
            transport: 'SMTP',
            options: {
                service: 'Sendgrid',
                auth: {
                    user: 'user',
                    pass: 'password'

As for digitalocean I continue to be impressed with the consistency of their offering and what I am able to do with just 512 Megs of RAM and a single Xeon processor.